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“Is it morning yet, Mommy?” Connor asks. I pry one eye open. Light is beginning to stream through the balcony doors but it’s still very early. Connor had wrapped Cam’s gift — Crusher, a Skylander Giant — last night. He’s excited for Cam to open it but I tell him, “Not yet.” Disappointed, he climbs […]

december 10-11

Just some random pics taken over the last couple of days. FYI – I got Connor to correct the misspelling before handing in his homework. And, no. It’s not snowing in the boys’ bathroom. The mirror is covered with gunk from several days of very aggressive teeth cleaning. I’m a bit behind on housework : […]

almost done

I think I’m finally close to finishing the boys costumes. I’m pretty proud of Connor’s potion apron. He loves that the front pocket doubles as storage for his treats. I decided to redesign Cam’s hat. It bugged me that my first attempt wouldn’t stick ¬†straight up. I had to start from scratch. I made the […]