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“Is it morning yet, Mommy?” Connor asks. I pry one eye open. Light is beginning to stream through the balcony doors but it’s still very early. Connor had wrapped Cam’s gift — Crusher, a Skylander Giant — last night. He’s excited for Cam to open it but I tell him, “Not yet.” Disappointed, he climbs […]

hello spring

Our neighbour down the road invited us and 4-5 other families for an egg hunt and brunch on Easter Monday. The kids were a multi-age group so the older ones took care of the little ones while the parents hung out drinking beer and some bubbly. It was such a fun group. I’m already looking […]

pirates and the tooth fairy

The horrible flu that was going around caught up with me this past week. All better, thankfully. So here are a few more photos of the pirate party. Connor invited a bunch of his friends from his class plus Hannah & Sadie, because there is no party to be had without these 2 for Connor. […]