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goodbye summer, hello fall

We began our 4-day holiday weekend by saying goodbye to summer with one last hurrah in the pool. It felt more like a hot tub soak than a swim … very luxurious! By Monday, most of our maples out front began shedding their leaves much to the excitement of the boys. They played outside while […]

sick days

Connor has been home sick since Monday. He’s caught a bad cough. I worry that it will worsen and turn into a night of relentless wheezing. I’ve been giving him his puffers which have helped a little. He insists that he can’t miss school on “Fabulous Friday!” I hope you feel better by then, too, […]


“Is it morning yet, Mommy?” Connor asks. I pry one eye open. Light is beginning to stream through the balcony doors but it’s still very early. Connor had wrapped Cam’s gift — Crusher, a Skylander Giant — last night. He’s excited for Cam to open it but I tell him, “Not yet.” Disappointed, he climbs […]