december 7-9

It was a busy weekend. Since mom was leaving for a 1 1/2 month vacation in Florida with MaLou, we headed over to Swiss Chalet for dinner on Friday. Connor met up with a girl from his class who also happens to live on our street. The awesome part is that she has a 13 yo brother who likes to babysit. I see date nights in our near future!

On Saturday, the boys got to open their presents from mom and worked on the gingerbread house. I found a peanut-free house kit at the Bulk Barn which made the process simpler. One day I’d like to build one from scratch but the weekend was too jam-packed to do it this year. There weren’t many peanut-free options for the candy decorations but the few I found was good enough. I didn’t have to help the boys too much this year. Cam decorated one wall and one side of the roof while Connor decorated the opposite wall and side.

I’ve caught Cam popping candy in his mouth. He’s slowly picking away at the decorations when he thinks no one is looking.








Later Saturday evening, Mike and I went next door to a dinner party. We were very grateful that Mom put off going to Waterloo so she could babysit for us. I dropped her off the next day and dealt with freezing rain/snow conditions and very slow traffic on the way back but it was well worth it to have a night out with Mike. I got back just in time for Mike’s hockey game. Mike met me at the arena with the boys. We only stayed for one period which probably saved Connor’s vocal chords. He made a sign and screamed out , “Go, go, go, grey!” for the whole time we were there. I think it brought luck to the team. They got 3 goals with Connor cheering them on but the game ended in a 4-4 tie.




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  1. Laura Morrissey says:

    You did have a busy week-end. Your Mom will enjoy her stay in Florida. The gingerbread house is magnificent. We’re glad Connor can still talk. Hugs!