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The boys and I were playing a guessing game after dinner. Connor thought of a word, drew a picture of it on a piece of paper and gave one clue at a time while Cam and I tried to guess the word he was thinking of. He came up with ladybug, piggy (from Angry Birds), pencil, germ and rainbow, in that order.

His secret words got progressively harder to guess and his clues more obscure as the game went on and so our guesses became more and more ridiculous. His next one stumped both Cam and I. Our conversation went something like this, with Connor giggling and saying “nope” to each of our guesses.

Connor: “Guess what?
Cam & I: “What?”

Connor: “It’s gooey”
Cam & I: “Is it mud … a slimy worm?”

Connor: “It has an antenna”
Cam & I: “Is it a caterpillar… an ant that’s been stepped on … a fish?

Connor: “It lives in the deepest part of the sea”
Me: “An angler fish?”

Connor: “No, not the deepest part of the sea. I mean it lives in the abyssal plains”

At this point, I was thinking, “Oh god. You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Cam: “Is it an octopus?”
Connor: “No. It’s green”
Cam: “Is it a monster?”
Me: “Lochness monster? Is it a green, gooey monster with an antenna?

No. No. No.

Me: “Is it a submarine?”
Cam: “Is it a submarine that got sprayed by an octopus and is now inky?”

Me: “Is it Puff the magic dragon?”
Connor: “No, it lives in the abyssal plains. Puff lives in a cave. Remember?!”

Of course. Whatever was I thinking!?

After a few more guesses, Cam and I finally gave up and Connor showed us a picture of his secret word.

Connor: “It’s a googly, boogly, giggly monster!! Ha ha ha!”

Yep. Little Mr Smarty Pants totally had us going.

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  1. Laura Morrissey says:

    What fun! Abyssal plains? Hugs!