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knee patch

Patching a hole on the knee of kid-sized pants proved challenging. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t get the narrow leg to fit over my sewing machine arm. I had bought a couple of denim iron-on patches but they looked odd on Connor’s light colored pants and also looked too … uhm … patchy. […]

almost done

I think I’m finally close to finishing the boys costumes. I’m pretty proud of Connor’s potion apron. He loves that the front pocket doubles as storage for his treats. I decided to redesign Cam’s hat. It bugged me that my first attempt wouldn’t stick ¬†straight up. I had to start from scratch. I made the […]

laser angry bird

I started Cam’s halloween costume today. I found a purple Women’s sweatshirt at Walmart for $7 which was a lot cheaper than buying the material at Fabricland. I had planned to make a triangular-shaped body like in Cam’s drawing but when he saw the armless version, he wasn’t too pleased and asked for sleeves to […]