Just a few photos of our weekend at our neighbour’s cottage a couple of weeks ago. In the first few minutes we were there Connor asked where the toys were. But it didn’t take him long to find other things to occupy his time. We spent a fair bit of time outside. They were in the water swimming with a couple of girls 2 cottages down from us. The girls had spotted the boys on the dock and promptly came over to ask if they wanted to play. It was so cute.

I think Mike had as much fun as the boys. He got to show his mad skills in waterskiing while trying to keep his shorts from falling down to his knees and then went exploring on the ATV with the big boys the next day. Unfortunately, I don’t have too many shots of the weekend. I didn’t take my big camera out much … I was enjoying communing with nature too much, I guess … and trying to keep the horseflies and deer flies at bay : )

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  1. Laura Morrissey says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. We’re glad Mike kept his shorts together! Apparently having a dryer sheet in your pocket is ‘suppose’ to keep bugas away! Hugs!