creativity blooming

I moved the boys’ crafts space back to the sunroom. With my computer table set up in the living room facing the sunroom, it makes it easier to keep the mess in check but also allows the boys to do their own thing freely. A week or two ago, I found inspiration from this Muji Lego and paper kit and decided to make use of an old tissue box and helped the boys create a boat and airplane using Lego to attach the cardboard pieces together. This was a little too complicated for Cam so, instead, he decided to use the hole puncher to make windows on an airplane that he folded himself. This activity seemed have propelled a few craft ideas from the boys. I found them making boats out of leaves and stickers one day. And today, Connor handed me his latest creation … the Lego ship with two paper sails. I was floored … genius!!

Connor also continues to add to a Labyrinth game he made out of scrap cardboard, glue and stickers. He calls it a “decision maker”. Cam often follows Connors lead but tends makes his own inventions using the same materials. I’m so impressed with their creativity.

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  1. Laura Morrissey says:

    Love their creativity & yours, with your photography! Wonderful! Hugs!