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We stayed in on this rainy, cold spring day. The boys spent most of the day in the sunroom playing with their Lego and marble run pieces and at the craft table being impressively creative. Connor made up a song to wish the rain away. He wrote down the lyrics so Cam and I could join in singing his song.


Connor also set up a few of his favourite stuffed animals (Beary, Elephantie, Angry Birds) and an “angry car” on the craft table and sketched them. He then embellished the final portraiture with some exploding pigs and one friendly one. Cam followed suit with his own drawing of some Angry Birds. And if that wasn’t enough, they also decided to draw on Connor’s face. The purple line down his nose was Connor’s own doing and Cam added 2 green dots on Connor’s forehead.







After dinner, I resurrected my old electric typewriter and the boys went nuts on it. Cam typed actual words at first until he saw Connor typing numbers and, of course, he had to, too. Then they discovered that if they held down a key, it would type the same letter at a rapid pace repeatedly. They thought that was really funny.




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  1. Laura Morrissey says:

    Great ones! What fun! Their drawings are super. Good song Connor.Hope the rain disappeared. Like the angry birds. Hugs!