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Feeling better today. I’ve been sick since Saturday. In between sleeping and coughing, I surfed the Internet and discovered the world of digital scrapbooking. This is my first attempt … not sure if I like the layout but the process of putting it together was very neat. The photos were taken with my Blackberry … […]

snow squall

We were hit with a brief snow storm this afternoon which, of course, translated to fun for the boys. They got out there with their shovels, tuperware and branches making tracks in the foot-deep white goodness blanketing everything. Back inside, the boys decided to draw planets on a sheet of paper, cut them up into […]


A little seedling is growing under the hibiscus tree. The boys had been “planting” their apple and orange seeds left over from snack time in the soil. They both wanted to have their picture taken next to the seedling. And then they just got silly and started making funny faces at the camera. Fun discovery.