very merry busy day

What a very merry busy rainy day! I just love the letters the boys wrote to Santa. I laughed when I read Cam’s “I AM GOD”. He meant “good”, of course. And just in case you can’t decipher Connor’s, it says “Santa – I’ve been good. I want a snowbuggy.” Maybe he meant a snow plow which was what Cam was looking at in the Wish Book catalogue.

Later the boys wrapped up daddy’s presents. Not that Mike doesn’t already know what he’s getting. Our recent phone conversation went something like this.

MIKE: What did you do today?
CONNOR: We got presents for you at Chapters. I got a Lego Inventions for you and me to make together.
ME: Don’t tell daddy what you got. It’s supposed to be a secret.
CAM: My present is something we can share together, daddy.
CONNOR: You got cookies! … <piercing glare from me> … Ooops.
MIKE: <uncontrollable laughter>
CAM: I got you something else.
CONNOR: But we’re not going to tell you your other gift.
ME: Let’s talk about something else.

Note to self: Never ever, ever tell Connor a deep dark secret. EVER!

After wrapping the gifts and having dinner, the kids got ready for tonight’s school concert. They insisted on “styling” their hair and were keen to show off their perfectly coiffed do. At the concert I made sure I got front row seating but that proved to be a bad idea as the boys were at opposite ends of the Kindergarten line-up. I had to pan the video camera between kids and I’m afraid that the recording ended up being very shaky.

* * * *

While uploading the concert video, I noticed an old video on YouTube that I forgot to share with anyone. Go take a look at the boys break dancing.

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  1. Laura Morrissey says:

    Super video-we are thoughly enjoying your pictures/videos. Hugs!