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Waiting for Santa (Taken with Blackberry)

Santa! (Mall Photo)

Dear Santa,

Thanks for a nice visit with boys at the mall. You mixed up the boys’ names but I think this video is still pretty precious. The boys looked a little dumbfounded at first. I could almost hear them thinking, “Who’s Carson?” and Connor looked like he was about to say “I’m not Cameron” but thought better of it. He probably didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

On the good list, eh, Santa?! Really? Even after the recent gel-decals-on-the-ceiling incident? Yeah, the red and green stains are (ahem) barely noticeable. And that glue-on-the-floor discovery? Totally minor and I must admit that I almost laughed about it.

Oh, and I had to bribe Cameron with promise of a new Hot Wheels to get him to sit on your lap. Just saying. But yes, I agree. Cam and Connor are very, very good boys, indeed.


p.s. Here’s how the glue incident went down: I was cleaning the basement when I noticed a track of glue marks on the floor running continuously around the craft table legs. Connor admitted to doing it. When I asked him why he did it, he replied, “Because the crayon marks wouldn’t come off.” Sure enough, wiping up the glue uncovered deep green crayon marks on the floor.

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  1. Laura Morrissey says:

    Boys wil be boys! Glad to hear that Connow is honest-too bad the glue didn’t take the green marks away! Hugs!