happy birthday “ante melda”

The boys immediately set to work making these cards after I told them it was their Auntie Imelda’s birtday tomorrow. The top one is Connor’s creation. He drew his Aunt Melds and Uncle Robert on the right; and Cam and himself are the 2 little ones on the left. As for the guy holding the balloons and present, we’re not sure who he is. After thinking about it, Connor finally said he was “just the birthday boy,” meaning a person who shows up at the party with balloons and a present.

Cameron wrote “ANTE MELDA” on his card, though the letters were not written in that order and included a couple of extra letters. He still tends to write from the bottom up and sometimes from right to left. He put his card and homemade present near the door when he was done. I asked him why he did that — “to take to Auntie Imelda’s birthday party” was his answer. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we haven’t been invited to a party.

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