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cheese & costumes

Cam’s first school photo is too funny beyond words. I can almost here him saying “cheese!” He went to his very first party (without Connor) Friday night. Ryan from his class invited all the JKs to a Halloween bash. Cam spent the first 10 minutes attached to my leg until he finally warmed up and […]

tech wizards

The boys have been helping Mike build a computer for a couple of nights now. They finally got all the parts in the box tonight. Connor seemed especially keen about the idea of putting a machine together. Cam … well, he helped a little … then retired to the couch to do this …

ahoy, me hearties

The boys have taken to roleplaying pirates in the basement. Today they were hunting a whale (tent) from their pirate ship (little couch). I gave them their pirate costumes but the outfits didn’t really enhance their play. It did make for a few interesting photos, though.