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dinner entertainment

“Mommy. Look what I can do!” And, apparently, so can my 2 1/2-year-old. Craft time seems to happen daily these days. This is Connor’s latest creation. All the spiders seem to be missing a few legs. Some more than others.

a truck, 2 cranes & a bonfire

I pulled out a crafts book (given to the boys by their Aunt Karen many moons ago) this afternoon. Cam immediately started flipping through it and wanted to make the truck. I cut up the shapes for Cam & he glued them on his paper. I was impressed when he wrote his name on the […]

summer crafts

The boys wanted to do crafts outside this past Sunday and so they did. Here is Connor’s artwork … “Hannah. His sister. And his mom.” He still hasn’t learned to use his/her and she/he properly : ) As for Cam, he’s more into building Lego machines. This is his “fire boat”.