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graduation day

Congratulations, beautiful! It’s hard to believe you were only 15 when I first met you and here you are today … a university grad. It makes me feel old thinking about it but mostly I feel very proud. You have grown into such a stunning & incredibly well-grounded young woman. Looking forward to living vicariously […]


Connor’s room has become yet another ‘playroom’ for the boys. The two have been sleeping together in Cam’s room for I forget how many days now. Or, has it been weeks? Today, they decided to do headstands on Connor’s bed. Connor can’t hold it for more than half a second but I’m impressed that he’s […]

barkyard reno update

The backyard is really coming together. The landscapers finished capping the retaining walls … … as well as the uber-planter housing the 25′ cedar. The grass browned a little from last weeks sunny, drought-like weather but is now coming back to life. Two structures that were not initially in the plans, the outdoor kitchen & […]