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We had lots of firsts today. Cameron had his first outdoor soccer session. And so did Connor. I love the way he’s battling his own team mate for possession of the ball. Mike also fired up the bbq for the first time. Connor & Cam took pictures with their cameras. As did I.

the optimist

Kids have a warped sense of height. Connor will still jump to try and retrieve a freesbie … … that is caught up in a tree several times his height. Or, maybe they just have a super-heightened sense of optimism. Hmmm. On an unrelated note, I just realized that Connor can now wink. When did […]

water boys

After an after-dinner swim with daddy, the boys decided to shower off under the sprinkler. You’d think that all this water fun would negate having a bath tonight … but nope. My boys are true creatures of habit.