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reading with daddy

I picked up a new book for the boys called The World’s Greatest Poems which Mike decided to read aloud while lying down. Connor decided he wanted to lie down too and, of course, Cameron could only follow suit. They read this way long enough for me to take these 2 shots before Cam fell […]

remembering: may 23-24, 2009

Mike found these and 100s of other forgotten images on his laptop last week. They made me smile instantly. The photos were taken in Calgary by another talented photographer in the family, the boys’ Aunt Karen.

swan watching

We enjoyed another beautiful day at the park. I packed a lunch for us while Cam stuffed his backpack full of diggers. Aside from a run-in with a pushy tot on the slides and his equally pushy mom, the day was quite fun. The boys laid down on the boardwalk to get a closer look […]