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bye bye curls

I don’t recall how the conversation began but today Cameron decided that he needed a haircut … something that he had flatly refused in the past. So off we went to Cookie Cutters. I just love his angelic curls. I worry that they’ll never grow back. Cam, however, didn’t seem phased by the idea or […]


Spent the day at KidsZone with the boys during March Break madness. Lots of noise. Lots of fun. Lots of little people being kids. A few big people being kids. Contrary to the serious looks on their faces in these photos the boys did have an awesome time. They were moving too fast for me […]

let’s dig

Warm weather + No landscapers = Playtime in the backyard for the boys With mom (and camera) close by. Other than finding one stray nail, the boys’ digging expedition was worry free.