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Gold! The boys celebrated the Men’s Hockey Team winning the Gold Medal in sudden death overtime with the US by being thrown up in the air by daddy.

cheerios and broccoli

After a 5:00 am wake-up call from Cam to change his dirty diaper … and jammies … and crib sheets … and pillow case … and another diaper at 8:00 that also overflowed like a stinking muddy river, it was strictly bread and water for Cam today. [Ahem] Bread, cheerios and water. Thankfully, Connor hasn’t […]

baby’s got a new pair of shoes

Connor scored a new pair of shoes from Auntie C. He loved them so much that he put them on all by himself and refused to take them off until bath time. This is the same boy who usually whines “I can’t!” when asked to put his shoes on. He ran laps through the kitchen […]