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little boy blue

Naptime has become relatively stress-free. Connor is happy to play by himself or watch tv or a video while Cam and I go to his room to start our routine. First we read and then cuddle on the rocking chair. It doesn’t take him very long to drift off to sleep. This afternoon, I studied […]

squares or diamonds?

Cam: There’s squares in my waffle! Connor: I have diamonds! There, my dear people, was the topic of discussion between the two brothers this aft. And, while you’re pondering that very same question yourself, Connor will take a moment to engage in a little self grooming. Don’t ask me where his nose sweepings were finally […]

om nom nom

It always amazes me how much little mouths can hold. It doesn’t matter how small or big I cut pieces of fruit, Cam always ends up shoveling as much as he can in his mouth before chewing, if chewing happens at all. BTW – you need a haircut my little fruit monster.