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happy birthday my good man

May your day be whine-free, … … and filled with the sound of giggling happy boys … … and the peacefulness of knowing you are very much loved.

showing my age

Playing around with Lightroom 3 Beta. Somehow I managed to age a photo I took of myself today. Freaky! NOW TOMORROW After a near-death experience in the SUV this aft Why do my eyes have a blue tinge in these photos? I took a self-portrait with the blackberry weeks ago and same thing. Must be […]


I can’t fool Cam anymore. Stashing the chocolate in the office tall cabinet keeps it out of sight. Come within a few feet of him after eating that brown goodness and it’s over. “I want some! I want some!” he’ll demand. Sometimes, I give in. Other times, I’ll say “no” and he’ll try to negotiate […]