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happy boxing day

Twas the day after christmas When all through the house No floor space left uncluttered By the offspring of my spouse. Okay so I’m no poet. Happy Boxing Day! Sent from my Blackberry device

i dig christmas day

I hope everyone is having a joyous and peaceful Christmas day. C2 took a moment to run his digger through the snow in front of grandma Nita’s house before jumping in the van. On our way home now to see if Santa paid our house a visit last night. Sent from my Blackberry device

regards to all godless

We haven’t heard from our ex-nanny since she left in early January. This morning I received this text msg from her: “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Regards to all Godless.” Puzzled at the rudeness of the msg, the good man asked if something was lost in translation. No. I didn’t think so. Over 2 hrs later, I posted […]